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Rift Rogue Guide

Rift Rogue Guide
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Which equipment is the best for your rogue in Rift - swords, daggers, firearms? Which are the optimal souls for solo and group play - nightblade, assassin, ranger or blade dancer? How can you reach the highest level as quickly as possible? So many questions, and the answers can be found in the Rift Rogue Guide!


From your first steps into the world of Telara to the highlevel contents, this Guide will accompany you through the whole game. You will receive the best leveling strategies and gain insight into the secrets of the rogues that will be helpful to you in every situation. Develop your rogue into a fighting machine, a master of killing, always find the best possible equipment and make more Gold than you would ever have dreamed of!


Discover the best places to level and reach the level cap in no time, learn to control your rogue so well that you can defeat every opponent in PvP, find out which skills and soul combinations work out best for you and master your rogue in RIFT in solo as well as in group play.


Furthermore, you will receive all future updates of the Rift Mage Guide completely for free! Whenever a new version is available, you will be informed immediately about the possibility to download the Update directly.


Become a dreaded fighter in Rift that every fellow player would rater like to see on his side than on the side of his enemies - with the Rift Rogue Guide!


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