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Rift Gamecard 30 Days

Rift Gamecard 30 Days

buy Rift Gamecard 30 Days

Delivery time: 5-10 minutes
Stock: available
Region: Worldwide
Platform: Official website
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$ 7,31

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Rift Gamecard 30 Days

$ 7,31

  • Product description

    30 days Prepaid Gamecard for the online role playing game RIFTBuy 30 days RIFT: Planes of Telara Gamecard now!

    DescriptionThe prepaid gamecard is a comfortable payment method to receive 30 additional days of gametime for RIFT. Follow the included descriptions and you are ready to play again in a few minutes.After the expiration of the 30 days, the subscriptions fee has to be paid again – or you extend your gametime again with a Game Card. The full version of RIFT and an internet connection are needed to play.

    On June 12th, 2013, RIFT was converted to a Free2play system. Every new player will get free access to all the contents of the game. Subscribers, who are called "Patron", will also receive comforbale bonuses - this does also apply to Gamecard users!

    Bonuses for RIFT Patrons:

    • Store Discount: 10% off all purchases made with Credits in the RIFT Store.
    • +15% Currency (always on)
    • +10% Mount Speed (always on)
    • Daily Boost Set: Each day you can activate bonuses to the Experience, Notoriety, Favor, Prestige, and Tokens you earn while playing.
    • Daily Summons: Instant access to your banker, guild banker, and trainer (on a set cooldown).
    • Priority Queue: Move to the front of the line when your shard is full.