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Rift Powerleveling

Rift Powerleveling

RIFT, released in March 2011, has been highly anticipated by MMO fans – casuals as well as intermediate and experienced players – and praised by the games press.

Nevertheless, many MMORPG players know the phenomenon from other MMOs: You want to play high level content and leveling your character seems to take ages. For some players, leveling the own char is no fun trip through the lands of the MMO but rather an undesired ordeal.

Other players simply lack the time to get into RIFT with the affordable intensity to keep up with their friends which they would like to play with. Yyou already have a character at level cap and do not want to go through the same efforts again?

Even if just one part of the above applies to you, we have a possible solution for you. MMOGA offers you powerleveling services for RIFT! We level your character for you so you can reach the level cap and enjoy the end content in no time!

Use our RIFT Powerleveling and get it on!