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  • High Quality Bag
    High Quality Bag


    Bags contain clothes. This is a high quality bag, which means the clothes in this bag are higher quality than in the low quality bag.

    Opening this will create one item from the following categories.

    Rare Items: 60's Army Jacket, Argyle Scavenger, Army Facemask, Aztec Long T-Shirt, Aztek Night Hunter, Baseball Tshirt, Battle Worn Long TShirt, BCHILLZ! Hoodie, Big Grin, Black Longsleeve T-Shirt, Black Mesh Crop Top, Black Tshirt, Blingin Grill, Blue Tarp Skirt, BoltFace Metal Facemask, British Sign Pants, British Sign Vest, Burlap and Leather Vest, Burlap Brains Balaclava, Burlap Ninja Slippers, Camo Shorts, Captain's Helmet, Captain's Vest and Shirt, Caution Tape Top, Chainmail, Checkered Bandana, Chopshop Body Armor, Chopshop Kilt, Christmas Jumper, Combat Boots, Cuda87 Hoodie, Cutoff Shorts, Death Facemask, Demonic Deer Skull, Double Yellow Balaclava, Facepunch TShirt, Farmer Hat, Fire jacket, Fisherman Boonie Hat, Flak Vest - Green, Forest Camo Cap, Forest Camo Chest Plate, Forest Camo Tshirt, Frankensteins Sweater, Friendly Cap, German Tshirt, Glowing Skull, Green Checkered Shirt, Green Lumberjack, Grey Wolf Hide Poncho, Gunner Beanie, Hacker Valley Veteran, Hazard Cover Pants, Hazard Move Boots, Hazard Protection Vest, Hazardous Grater Chest Plate, Homemade Shorts, Human Sacrifice Mask, Industrial Protection Mask, Irish Kilt, Knitted Balaclava, Lawman, Machina Mask, Machina Plate, Metal Barrel Chest Plate, Military Camo Roadsign Kilt, Missing Textures TShirt, Murderer T-Shirt, Native American Hide Shoes, Nightmare Balaclava, Official Vertiigo Hoodie, One Percenter Chaps, Plate Carrier - Black, Punk Rock Pants, Racing Stripes Chest Plate, Ranger's Vest, Rasta Beenie, Recycled Tarp Pants, Red Check Balaclava, Red Lumberjack, Red Skull Bandana, Rescue Cap, Rhinocrunch Hoodie, Rock Star Boots, Rorschach Skull, Russia Tshirt, Rusted Smile, Rusty Coffee Can Helmet, Sacrificial Mask, Safety Crew, Salvaged Shirt, Coat and Tie, SandPrince, Ser Winter TShirt, Sergeant Shirt, Shadowfrax TShirt, Sign Painter, Skeleton Hoodie, Skin Balaclava, Skull & Bones TShirt, Skull Bandana, Skull Hazard, Smile T-Shirt, Smilin' Jack, Snow Camo Shorts, Spare Parts, Spiked Metal Kilt, Spiked Metal Vest, Stainless Facemask, Steampunk Leather Mask, Steppe Camo Pants, Stitched Skin, Survival Shirt, Tactical Boots, Target Practice T-Shirt, Tempered Mask, The Blue Death, The Rust Knight, Toymaker Poncho, Train Conductor Miner's Hat, Unknown Territory Hoodie, Uprising Deer Skull Mask, Uprising Hide Pants, Uprising Hide Poncho, Uprising Hide Shoes, Urban Camo, Urban Camo Jacket, Valentine Balaclava, Varsity Jacket, Vyshyvanka Shirt, Where Eagles Dare, Winter Deers, Wizard Bandana, Wooden Bucket

    Expensive Items: Burglar Mask, Chest Resistance, Leopard Top, Lizard Skull, Mask of Sacrifice, Tank Crew Hoodie, Telogreika Jacket

    Paid Items: Apocalypse Helmet, Armored Boots, Army Armored Boots, Army Sign Kilt, Army Sign Vest, Bad News, Biker Dad, Biker Goth Helmet, Born To Loot, Box O Love, Bronze War Mask, Camo Netting, Carbon Facemask, Celtic Hide Shirt, Close Enough, Crossbone Crew, Flower Hat, Graffiti Bucket Helmet, Hunter Mask, Junker's Kilt, Junker's Vest, Meat Mask, Military Satchel Charge, Nerd Glasses, Oil Barrel Chest Plate, Outlaw Headwrap, Press Vest, PVC Hat, Rusty Bucket Helmet, Ruthless Riot Helmet, Sleazy Rider, The Plague Doctor, Toupee, Welding Helmet

    Delivery time: 1-24 hours
    $ 11,23
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Here you can get a wide range of outstanding skins for the popular multiplayer online survival game Rust in the category Resource.