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  • Weapon Barrel
    Weapon Barrel


    Barrels contain skins for weapons and tools. Anything that the player holds.

    Opening this will create one item from the following categories.

    Expensive Items: Lavapick, No War Guitar, Wasteland Hunter

    Paid Items: Agony Yellow, Aircraft Parts RL, Alien Red, Banana Eoka, Bandito SAR, Bandito SMG, Bespoke DBS, Chrome Crossbow, Claw AK47, Defender, Desert Hunter, Doomwing Crossbow, Flintlock, Frostbitten Revolver, Frozen Turkey, Great War Service Rifle, Hazard Semi Auto Rifle, Heat Double Shotgun, Hot Potato, Hot Topic, Industrial DBS, Kryss Longsword, Large Fruit Pit Hatchet, Metal Roses Short Sword, Nightmare, Nitro-Maniac DBS, Ol' Greasy, Outlaw Revolver, Poseidon Semi Auto Pistol, Primal Gun, Rescue Pick Axe, Runic Ice Pick, RustPunk Waterpipe Shotgun, Sublime SAR, Tank MP5, Tank Pump Shotgun, Tank SMG, Tarnished Sun Pick Axe, The Billy Baroo, Uprising Stone Pickaxe, Vintage Hatchet, Volcanic Stone Hatchet, Wakizashi, Western Waterpipe Shotgun

    Other Items: Chieftain Pump Shotgun, Dreamcatcher, Military Camo AK47, Reaper Note Pistol, Red Shine Pistol, The Swampmaster

    Delivery time: 1-24 hours
    $ 7,82
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Here you can get a wide range of outstanding skins for the popular multiplayer online survival game Rust in the category Resource.