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Silkroad-R is a free2play client-based fantasy MMORPG that sends you to the historical world of the Silk Road. A large number of quests offers interesting background stories. In Silkroad-R, you can fly a magic carpet in the Orient, fight the ghosts of the Chinese Huang He river, and much more.

The huge game world of Silkroad-R offers three regions along the Silk Road: Ancient China, the highly developed Arabia, and the old Europe. Chinese characters may walk on water, Europeans ask the Greek Gods for aid, and Arabians summon genies.

Factions and classes are practically non-existent in Silkroad-R. Players can move freely in the large world and don't have to subordinate themselves to constraints of any kind. You may start as a honorable merchant, then play as a hunter and law enforcer, and finally become a backstabbing bandit and thief.

The mixture of historical facts and the mythology of 3 different regions of the world contributes to the special charm of this game. Silkroad-R is lots of fun for fans of fantasy RPGs!

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