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SWTOR Bounty Hunter Bundle (Mercenary Guide + Powertech Guide)

SWTOR Bounty Hunter Bundle (Mercenary Guide + Powertech Guide)
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To Star Wars Fans, the term Bounty Hunter is forever connected with one name: Boba Fett. Star Wars The Old Republic is set 3,600 years before the life of Fett, but the Bounty Hunter class still exhibits many characteristics that fans cherish and love about Boba Fett.


Heavy and visually impressive armor and lots of technological gimmicks turn the Bounty Hunter in SWTOR into a terrifying opponent. He deals out good damage in melee fights, for example with the flame thrower that even Jedi cannot resist, and is also a constant danger from ranged distances thanks to rockets and stun arrows. And when the going gets tough, escape is at hand via jetpack. Bounty Hunters in SWTOR are sided with the Sith.


This SWTOR Bounty Hunter Guide consists of both guides for the specializations Mercenary and Powertech. Therefore all relevant aspects of the Bounty Hunter class in SWTOR are covered in our guides.


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