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SWTOR Commando Guide (Trooper)

SWTOR Commando Guide (Trooper)
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Each Trooper who decides to specialize as a Commando in SWTOR must almost inevitably be a weapon fanatic – gigantic blasters and cannons are part of his arsenal. Playing as a Commando gives you control over a powerful class which can deal out a lot of damage with immense firepower and explosives. Even enemies coming in superior numbers are more than a match for the Commando.


Learn everything wort knowing about this specialization of the Trooper class with our SWTOR Commando Guide. Choose the right weapons in every situation, learn about the best skill sets and make a fortune in credits by the way.


The Commando is an excellent Damage Dealer if you know how to handle your opponents. The choice of weapons, skills and armor plays a major role. Find the ideal instructions in the SWTOR Commando Guide.

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All future updates are already included in your purchase of the SWTOR Commando Guide.


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