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SWTOR Jedi Sage Guide (Jedi Consular)

SWTOR Jedi Sage Guide (Jedi Consular)
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The specialization Jedi Sage is available to players of the class Jedi Consular. Unlike the Jedi Knights who prefer to go straight into battle while wielding their light saber, as a Jedi Sage in SWTOR you trust in masterful control of Force abilities.

Of course the Jedi Sage doesn't shy away from melee combat, but enhances his attacks with the Force, also putting his enemies under pressure with Force attacks from a distance. Besides offensive skills, the Jedi Sage is much asked for as a skillful healer and supporter.

In our SWTOR Jedi Sage Guide, you will learn everything worth knowing about this specialization of the Jedi Consular: How to level up quickly, which skill sets will prove to be most effective, how to make a lot of credits, and much more.

Here at MMOGA, you can also get the SWTOR Jedi Shadow Guide for the second specialization of the Jedi Consular or the SWTOR Jedi Consular Bundle including both guides.

All future updates are already included in your purchase of the SWTOR Jedi Sage Guide.


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