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SWTOR Mercenary Guide (Bounty Hunter)

SWTOR Mercenary Guide (Bounty Hunter)
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The best defense is a good offense! Play according to this principle as the Mercenary, a specialization of the Bounty Hunter in SWTOR. Instead of relying on technical gadgets like the Powertech, the Mercenary is keen on dealing out as much damage as possible. The faster a fight is over, the less time an enemy has to react... and the sooner you can collect your bounty.

Discover in the SWTOR Mercenary Guide how to reach the highest level in no time, which skill sets are the most promising for this specialization of the Bounty Hunter, how to switch between offense and defense quickly and at the right time, how to always get the best gear, the best weapons and a lot of credits.


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All future updates are already included in your purchase of the SWTOR Mercenary Guide.


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