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SWTOR Operative Guide (Imperial Agent)

SWTOR Operative Guide (Imperial Agent)
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As an Imperial Agent, you rely on devious methods to avoid direct confrontations. By taking the specialization of an Operative in SWTOR, you tread on this path even more – or rather, on both paths, as the Operative may be developed into two different directions.

Use the shadows as your cover in an MMO-typical rogue manner and stay hidden till the very last moment before your Operative attacks from a short distance. The other playstyle of the Operative in SWTOR takes a very different approach: Become a healer and keep your comrades alive!

In our SWTOR Operative Guide, you will find everything worth knowing about this highly flexible specialization of the Imperial Agent. Reach the level cap in no time, find the best skill sets and gear, stand your ground in PvP and make a lot of credits.

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All future updates are already included in your purchase of the SWTOR Operative Guide.


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