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SWTOR Sith Assassin Guide (Sith Inquisitor)

SWTOR Sith Assassin Guide (Sith Inquisitor)
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The Sith Assassin is a specialization that can be chosen for the Sith Inquisitor in SWTOR. After deciding to become an Sith Assassin, you can again choose between two quite different talent trees, or maybe mix both.

The obvious way to play the Sith Assassin is the classic MMO rogue style. Attacks from the shadows and quick lightsaber strikes, augmented by use of the dark side of the Force, deal a lot of damage.

The other way is rather an orientation on tanking. You generate a high threat level for opponents, making them come after you to keep them off your allies' backs. Both ways to skill the Sith Assassin are very much focused on melee combat. In our SWTOR Sith Assassin Guide you will find everything worth knowing about this specialization of the Sith Inquisitor.

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