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SWTOR Sith Sorcerer Guide (Sith Inquisitor)

SWTOR Sith Sorcerer Guide (Sith Inquisitor)
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The Sith Sorcerer takes advantage of ancient knowledge about using the dark side of the Force for his own purposes. This specialization of the Sith Inquisitor in SWTOR offers two quite varying talent trees which may be used to develop the Sith Sorcerer into different directions.

Use powerful lightning attacks as a Sith Sorcerer to deal damage. The Sith Sorcerer is the only true ranged combat „mage“ in SWTOR. The other orientation of the Sith Sorcerer is untypical for a being of the dark side: Play a skilled healer and make sure that your allies will survive.

In our SWTOR Sith Sorcerer Guide you will find everything worth knowing about this specialization of the Sith Inquisitor: Hints and information about quick leveling, skills builds, quests, PvP and PvE, and effectively gaining a lot of credits.

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All future updates are already included in your purchase of the SWTOR Sith Sorcerer Guide.


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