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SWTOR Sniper Guide (Imperial Agent)

SWTOR Sniper Guide (Imperial Agent)
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Sniper. Actually we shouldn't have to say anything more to describe this specialization of the Imperial Agent. Snipers rely on attacks from a certain distance in SWTOR, just like in many other games. Dispose of the Empire's enemies from a distance by using a highly developed sniper rifle.

At least, using a rifle is one possibility for the Sniper in SWTOR. The other way is relying on traps and dirty tricks in the style of an engineer. Epsecially in PvP, this kind of warfare might be in high demand to drive an opponent crazy - and to death.

In our SWTOR Sniper Guide, all relevant information about this specialization of the Imperial Agent can be found, pointed out in explicit detail. Find out the perfect skill set, stand your ground in PvP and make a fortune in credits. 

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All future updates are already included in your purchase of the SWTOR Sniper Guide.


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