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Chivalry 2 - King's Edition

Chivalry 2 - King's Edition

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Welcome back to the battlefield! Chivalry 2 is a multiplayer first person slasher inspired by epic medieval movie battles.

Download Chivalry 2 via the Steam network.

Steam can be found here.

This is an EU key that can only be used / activated within Europe.

Delivery time: 5-10 minutes
Stock: available
Region: EU
Platform: Steam
RRP $AUD 90.53

$AUD 36.05

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Chivalry 2 - King's Edition

$AUD 36.05

  • Product description

    Bonus contents of the King's Edition

    • Jousting Knight Armor
    • Royal Broadsword
    • Gold Horseman's Axe
    • Roses Novelty Item
    • Rebel King's Armor and War Helmet
    • Feydrid's Aegis Armor and War Crown
    • Duke's Talon and Kralle of Bridgetown Shields
    • Surrender Flag Novelty Item
    • 1000 Crowns + 5000 Gold

    Return to the ultimate medieval battlefield! Players are thrust into the action of every iconic moment of the era - from clashing swords, to storms of flaming arrows, to sprawling castle sieges and more.

    Dominate massive, 64-player battlefields. Catapults tear the earth apart as you lay siege to castles, set fire to villages and slaughter filthy peasants in the return of Team Objective maps.

  • System requirements


    OS: Windows 10 64-bit

    Processor: Intel i3-4370

    Memory: 8 GB RAM

    Hard Disk: 20 GB

    Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 2 GB



    Processor: Intel i7-6700

    Memory: 16 GB RAM

    Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1070