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Be the leader of pioneers in the Wild West! Start your adventure in a procedurally generated world with only one carriage full of resources...

Download Depraved for free via the Steam network.

Steam can be found here.


This is an Early Access game, an early playable version of a game that is still in development. Access to the final full version is already included in your purchase. Over time until the definite release of the game, the developers will regularly release updates and improvements.

Delivery time: 5-10 minutes
Stock: available
Region: Worldwide
Platform: Steam
RRP $ 26,22

$ 18,81

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$ 18,81

  • Product description

    In Depraved you are the leader of the pioneers in the Wild West. You are about to start your adventure in a procedurally generated world with only one carriage full of resources. Select a suitable place for your first settlement and procure building materials from mother nature or by trading to create a new home country for your residents. The happier your residents are, the faster your town will grow.Supply your residents with food and water, so that they won't starve or die of thirst. Protect them against the weather and against illnesses by supplying them with clothes and fire wood.You will have to face numerous dangers. Storms, illnesses and bandits will strike at you, and also your own residents can become a danger, if you do not meet their needs. Are you ready for this challenge?

  • System requirements

    OS: Windows 7, 64-bit
    Processor: Dual Core 3.0 GHz
    Memory: 8 GB RAM
    Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 / AMD Radeon R9380
    DirectX: 11
    Hard Drive: 3 GB available space

    OS: Windows 7 / 10, 64-bit
    Processor: Quad Core 3.6 GHz
    Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon RX 580

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