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Desperados III

Desperados III

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A modern real-time tactics game set in a ruthless Wild West scenario. An epic journey through 1870s USA and Mexico with difficult odds.

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Steam can be found here.

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Region: EU
Platform: Steam
RRP $ 54,57

$ 5,45

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Desperados III

$ 5,45

  • Product description

    Desperados III is a modern real-time tactics game set in a ruthless Wild West scenario.

    You take control of a ragtag band becoming a highly functional group of unlikely heroes and heroines. The very different strong personalities struggle to cooperate at first, but ultimately join forces to combine their distinctive specialties and challenge a seemingly superior foe. Hunted by ruthless bandits and corrupt lawmen, the Desperados III need to turn the tables with every mission.

    On an epic journey through 1870s USA and Mexico, the team will face incredibly difficult odds and must outsmart vastly outnumbering gangs. On their mission to track down a nemesis whilst derailing a relentless corporate tycoon, the five distinctive characters use a wide array of skills to infiltrate, spy, sabotage, elude, steal, abduct, deviate, assassinate, blow stuff up... and as a last resort: shoot 'em down.

    Combine your specialists to overcome tough challenges in many different ways. Plan your moves wisely and execute them perfectly in real time to sneak past your enemies while remaining undetected.


    • Command up to five Desperados and use their lethal skills to stealthily thin out the enemy rows
    • Approach each mission with a big variety of different solutions and paths
    • Resolve seemingly impossible large enemy setups with careful planning and perfectly timed execution of the team's special skills
    • Witness the glory of classic Wild West scenarios like frontier towns, desert canyons, Mississippi swamps, sprawling modern cities and many more by day and night
    • Defeat your foes choosing between deadly and non-lethal options, stealth and blazing guns and further adjust the game to your playstyle with various difficulty settings and special replayability challenges
  • System requirements

    OS: Windows 7, 64-bit
    Processor: Intel i3 4th Gen 3.5 GHz / AMD Quad Core 3.9 GHz
    Memory: 4 GB RAM
    Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 570 / AMD Radeon HD 6950, 2 GB VRAM
    DirectX: 11
    Hard Drive: 20 GB available space
    Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card with latest drivers

    OS: Windows 10
    Memory: 8 GB RAM
    Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 670 / AMD Radeon HD 7870