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Potion Tycoon

Potion Tycoon

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A management simulator with a witchy twist! Build and develop your very own magic shop. Mix potions and sell them smartly.

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Steam can be found here.

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Region: EU
Platform: Steam
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$ 7,63

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Potion Tycoon

$ 7,63

  • Product description

    Have you ever wondered where all those magic potions in RPGs come from?

    Build and manage your very own magic shop in this witchin’ management simulator: acquire resources, build and manage production lines, mix potions and design the bottles to sell them in your shop. Experiment with new recipes, grow your business and become the leading potion business in the Magical Lands!

    BUILD, PRODUCE, SELL, EXPAND - Compete for the best ingredient deals or grow your own magical plants and fungi. Meanwhile, build and expand your shop and set up production lines to get potion production going.

    But that’s not all: You should present your products nicely to make sure shoppers enjoy their stay. Nice furniture and a lovely smell all help to turn your customers into big spenders!

    EXPERIMENT, RESEARCH, MANAGE - Experiment with ingredients and combine them in different ways to create new potion types: healing, summoning, invisibility – create everything that the adventurers need!

    Research and construct new furniture and machinery. Uncover new ingredient types or send out search parties to collect new ingredients from all over the world.

    Hire new staff and level up your crew to maximize the efficiency of your business. Research, improve and expand your magic shop empire to leave the competition behind!

    VIP REQUESTS, BECOME FAMOUS, FIND FORTUNE - Answer risky special requests from VIP customers to increase your profits and build your fame. But be careful: Failing to fulfill a VIP requests can hurt your business just as much!

    Build your brand with each potion you make and each decision you take. Increase your brand value to ensure adventurers trust in your potions. Remember: only a highly regarded and prestigious brand can convince them to pay premium prices!


    • A tycoon game with a witchy twist: Build and grow your own magic shop.
    • Deep management simulation: Manage production, prices and staff to build an efficient business.
    • Research, construct and innovate: Develop your potion empire all the way from humble beginnings to high-end store.
    • Elaborate alchemy system: Experiment with tons of ingredients and combinations to create new and improved potions.
    • Profound market simulation: Dynamic events, market trends and competing companies to keep you on your toes.
    • Playful 2D hand-drawn style: Enjoy watching the bustling life in your shop as automated production lines work hard and customers visit your store!


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