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Ready or Not - Home Invasion (DLC)

Ready or Not - Home Invasion (DLC)

Buy Ready or Not Home Invasion now!

You will receive the key for the DLC by VOID Interactive via eMail within the stated delivery time.

Following a hurricane, an emergency broadcast is issued. Home invasions occur... and there is much to do for the SWAT team!

Download Ready or Not Home Invasion for free via the Steam network.

Steam can be found here.

The original game (not included in this offer) is required to use, respectively, play the contents of the DLC.

This is an EU key that can only be used / activated within Europe.

Delivery time: Jul 23rd, 2024
Stock: pre-orderable
Region: EU
Platform: Steam

$ 11,51

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Ready or Not - Home Invasion (DLC)

$ 11,51

  • Product description

    Los Sueños – STATE OF EMERGENCY: Los Sueños Police Department Chief Galo Álvarez issues an emergency broadcast regarding the City of Los Sueños response to Hurricane Antonio. Massive property and environmental damage from the record-breaking Category 5 Hurricane Antonio with windspeeds and rainfall reported to affect most areas of the county. Patrol units on high alert with stationed checkpoints. Fire Rescue Medical Triage Centers erected on perimeters of major hospitals where possible. Temporary homeless shelters set outside severely damaged areas and into the Sierra del Sueños mountains. Home invasion occurrences widespread and met with disaster response by LSPD SWAT.

    Areas of confirmed looting and civil unrest:

    GREENSIDE ― Catastrophic storm damage. A large portion of homeless people are seeking shelter due to unsafe conditions on the streets. Keep doors and windows barricaded.

    213 PARK — Major storm damage. Evidence of gang related activity proliferating, possibility for gang related violence unusually high. Avoid any display of gang-related affiliation and beware of groups of individuals in the street.

    REDWOOD ― Limited storm damage. Organized movement of possible looters identified in region. Keep gates or any fencing closed and locked with valuables secured. Keep power generators in secure but well-ventilated areas.

    Several recent shipments of FN 509 pistols, MP17 PDWs, and DDM4 PDWs are now being outfitted to tactical officers to accommodate the heightened security necessary for disaster response within the zone’s close quarters, unpredictable environments.