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You will receive the key for the game by via eMail within the delivery time stated above.

Design, construct and organise a fleet of unique vehicles to lead to victory as you battle your way across lawless frontiers of alien worlds.

Download TerraTech for free via the Steam network.Steam can be found here.

This is an EU key that can only be used / activated within Europe.

Delivery time: 5-10 minutes
Stock: available
Region: Worldwide
Platform: Steam
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$ 4,93

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$ 4,93

  • Product description

    TerraTech lets you design, construct and organise a fleet of unique vehicles to lead to victory as you battle your way across the lawless frontiers of new alien worlds in a quest for glory and profit. In the distant future, Earth's natural resources have finally been depleted, and as an off-world prospector it's your job to travel to alien planets, gather up all the good stuff and blast it back home to get paid. The rarest resources will build the best kit so expand your turf and take out enemy bases to secure your position on each planet.

    Build crazy vehicles out of modular blocks! Seek out enemies. Shoot blocks off them and destroy their cockpits. Scavenge their dropped blocks to make your vehicle bigger, stronger and faster.

    Build anything you can imagine! Heavy battle tanks? Yes. Fast scout vehicles? Yep. Flying carpet bombers? Why not?! Simply snap the dropped enemy blocks onto your creation by dragging and dropping, then get straight back into the fray!

  • System requirements

    OS: Windows 7
    Processor: Core 2 Duo
    Memory: 2 GB RAM
    Graphics: Video card with Shader Model 3, 512 MB VRAM
    DirectX: 9.0
    Hard Drive: 1 GB available space

    Processor: Core i3
    Memory: 4 GB RAM
    Graphics: Video Card with Shader Model 4, 1 GB VRAM
    Hard Drive: 2 GB available space