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A game like a comic book! Experience a grand adventure as an old berserk during the time of fimbul winter, before the end of the world Ragnarok.

Download Fimbul for free via the Steam network.

Steam can be found here.

Delivery time: 5-10 minutes
Stock: available
Region: EU
Platform: Steam
RRP $ 24,23

$ 2,41

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$ 2,41

  • Product description

    Fimbul is a single-player comic-book, action adventure set in the final winter before Ragnarök, The Fimbul Winter. You play as an old berserk, travelling to Jötunheim to fulfill his destiny, battling Trolls and Jotuns to reclaim an ancient artifact that might, just might save Midgard.

  • System requirements

    OS: Windows 10
    Processor: Intel Core i3-5020U
    Memory: 4 GB RAM
    Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 960, 2 GB VRAM
    DirectX: 11
    Hard Drive: 5 GB available space
    Sound card

    OS: Windows 10, 64-bit
    Processor: Intel Core i7-7700
    Memory: 16 GB RAM
    Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070
    DirectX: 12
    Hard Drive: 10 GB available space