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TERA Berserker Guide

TERA Berserker Guide
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Let yourself be driven by your ravenous martial fury and crush all your enemies while letting out a terrifying warcry! As a Berserker in TERA, the elemental force of war is at your character's disposal. Yet you should learn to use your skills as a warrior reasonably to take full effect of the potential of the outstanding Berserker class in TERA.

In the TERA Berserker Guide, you will get to know everything worth knowing about the Berserker class in TERA. Level up in record time, face the most rewarding challenges, make sure to get the best equipment and make a fortune in Gold. Use the best strategies and skills to spread fear and terror in PvE and PvP, and reach the maximum performance with your Berserker in TERA!

Here at MMOGA, you can buy TERA Berserker Guide at a favorable price to obtain all the knowledge you need about destroying your enemies. Fight successfully, learn the best abilities, and become rich by the way – thanks to the TERA Berserker Guide. All future updates are included in your purchase.


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