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TERA Lancer Guide

TERA Lancer Guide
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As a Lancer in TERA, you are a tower of strength in any battle, thanks to the massive lance you wield as a weapon to keep enemies at bay. Acting as a classic tank, attracting the attention of opponents while other group members deal out damage and healing, the Lancer in TERA is solid as a rock. Find out in the TERA Lancer Guide how to play your class optimally and stand your ground on your own as well.

Discover how to reach the level cap as a Lancer in TERA in record time, always have the best equipment, choose the ultimate skills, stand your ground in solo or group PvE and PvP, surprise your enemies again and again, and much more, thanks to the numerous tips and tricks in the TERA Lancer Guide!

At MMOGA, you can now buy TERA Lancer Guide and turn your Lancer into one of the best of his kind. Keep hordes of enemies off your friends and survive any battle! All future updates are included in your purchase.


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