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TERA Leveling Guide

TERA Leveling Guide
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TERA provides a game world that is rich in variety and filled with lots of quests to keep players entertained. Still, like in every other MMO, in the corners lurks the danger that a certain area seems boring to you, you cannot seem to advance in TERA or the game comes down to grinding. To avoid these dangers, we supply you with the best tips about leveling and questing in an extensive Guide!

The TERA Leveling Guide offers a detailed view on the most rewarding quests, strategies to quickly raise your level, how to connect quests effectively, and much more. Learn how to get the maximum out of your class in TERA to reach the level cap faster than most other players and enjoy the end content of TERA very soon. Find out how to always have enough Gold, stand your ground in PvP, master your craft, get the best equipment, and even more.

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