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TERA Club Membership - 1 Month

TERA Club Membership - 1 Month
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TERA Club Membership - 1 Month

Your advantages as a TERA Club member


  • 200% Dungeon Refresh
  • Doubled Dungeon Bonus Rewards
  • 20 daily quests instead of 10
  • Special consumables
  • Teleport item
  • Daily boost items
  • Special mount
  • No gold cap for mails
  • 50 trade broker transactions possible
  • No Brokerage Register Tax
  • 33% Brokerage Sales Tax Discount


Note: This offer is for an EU Key which can only be redeemed and utilized within Europe.



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Product description

carries many hopes of MMO fans in the year 2012. Dynamic real-time combat, fantastic graphics thanks to the Unreal Engine 3, giant monsters, challenging PvP, numerous different races and classes, as well as a lively and diversified game world including an innovative political system make sure that TERA finds its place in the hearts of MMORPG fans.

If you are one of those who cannot get enough of Arborea, the breath-taking world of TERA, MMOGA is the place to buy TERA Club Membership. Enjoy one of the most atmopsheric game worlds of all time in the MMO genre for one more month – buy TERA Club Membership 1 month at MMOGA!


Starting on February 5th, 2013, TERA is converted to a Free2play model. From that point on, you can use your TERA Gamecard to receive the coveted Tera Club status for 1 month, earning you countless useful advantages.

Extend your personal history in TERA with your TERA Club Membership and face colossal challenges!


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