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The MMORPG TERA Fate of Arun combines fantasy elements in a graphically breathtaking world with exciting action that you experience as a player in dynamic battles. Your deeds in TERA influence the whole gameworld by defining the destiny and the politics of several peoples. Visually, TERA Fate of Arun is pure eye candy thanks to the Unreal Engine 3. 

Starting February 5th, 2013, TERA is converted to a Free2play model – you no longer have to pay monthly fees to play TERA Fate of Arun. Existing subscribers will receive the Elite status, your remaining gametime rounded up to the next 30 day mark (Example: with 42 days left, receive 60 days of Elite status). Elite players will get additional advantages. If you have a TERA subscription, you will receive the Founder status when it runs out, also granting you certain advantages compared to new TERA F2P players.

Here at MMOGA, you can get everything you need to be successful in the fantasy action MMO TERA: Your TERA Key, the ingame currency TERA Gold and TERA Powerleveling – get it all at favorable prices, delivered as quickly as possible!