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TERA Fate of Arun Key / Gamecard

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TERA Fate of Arun Key / Gamecard Information

The MMORPG TERA (The Exiled Realms of Arborea) found lots of fans in South Korea since early 2011, thanks to outstanding graphics and appealing gameplay. In May 2012, the promising TERA was also released in Europe and North America and fascinated countless players since then. Choose from 7 distinct races and 8 interesting classes, and get ready for an exciting trip into the world of TERA Fate of Arun!

Besides typical MMO elements like quests, PvP, classes and crafting, TERA introduces a series of innovative ideas. Battles are fought in real time, resulting in a much more dynamic combat experience. Players have to target manually instead of relying on the auto-target system known from many other MMORPGs. The same goes for defense: In TERA, you have to actively dodge attacks.

In 2013, TERA converted to a Free2play system. Here at MMOGA, you can still buy TERA Key or buy TERA Gamecard to get the coveted Elite status that grants players lots of useful advantages like XP and Gold boosts, and also bonus items.

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