TSW Gold (Pax Romana)


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TSW Gold (Pax Romana) Information

Pax Romana is the currency in the MMORPG The Secret World, practically TSW Gold. You will need increasing amounts of the currency to be able to afford better equipment in The Secret World, similar to many other MMOs. For example, you can use Pax Romana to buy new clothes, weapons, talismans and materials for the complex crafting system.

In The Secret World, your character feels like most people in real life: Many of the things you would like to have are just too expensive. To survive in TSW and become a great player, you need the best possible equipment that costs a small fortune of the currency Pax Romana. So you can grind enemies and hope they will drop small amounts of TSW Gold, or you can easily buy Pax Romana at MMOGA!

Here you can buy TSW Gold, respectively buy Pax Romana, and make your virtual life in The Secret World a lot easier. The delivery of your TSW Pax Romana takes place directly in the game, "face to face".