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Skinning Information

Skinners gather leather and hides by skinning animals in WoW. These are needed for Leatherworking. Leather is used for some blacksmithing, engineering, and tailoring recipes. 

To learn the profession Skinning, you have to find a Skinner who can teach you his craft. Skinners can mostly be found close to Leatherers. After learning the basics of Skinning, all you need is a skinning knife.

Skinning knifes can be bought from craft material traders. You don't have to actively use the knife to skin animals, it is enough to carry it in your backpack. To produce certain bags, items and armors, hides gathered by Skinners are an important basic requirement.

With our WoW Powerleveling for the profession Skinning, we offer you a comfortable and simple way to get your ingame profession to the level of your choice.

At MMOGA you can get the following WoW Profession Leveling products for the profession Skinning:
- Skinning from 1 to 225
- Skinning from 225 to 300
- Skinning from 300 to 375
- Skinning from 375 to 450
- Skinning from 1 to 450