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Mato Anomalies - Xbox One / Series X|S Download Code

Mato Anomalies - Xbox One / Series X|S Download Code

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You will receive your Mato Anomalies Download Code directly by eMail. Use the code to download the complete game by Prime Matter on your Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S gaming console.

A turn-based RPG taking players on a journey across a neo-futuristic version of an oriental city.

This is an EU key that can only be used / activated within Europe.

Note: Games that include a multiplayer mode require an active Xbox Live Gold membership in order to play online.

Delivery time:1-24 hours
Platform:Xbox LIVE
RRP $ 43,80

$ 43,69

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Mato Anomalies - Xbox One / Series X|S Download Code

$ 43,69

  • Product description

    Mato Anomalies is a turn-based RPG that takes players on a journey across Mato, a fantasized neo-futuristic version of a bygone oriental city. Take control of the Dual Protagonists Doe and Gram to investigate strange anomalies around the city, or venture into rifts to battle demonic abominations determined to bring about the city's downfall.

    Team up with unlikely companions and unravel the dark secrets in this story of Duty, Hope and Justice.

    Take control of not just one, but two very distinct protagonists. Gather intel and knowledge to unravel the mystery behind the city of Mato as the private detective Doe, or venture into rifts and battle demonic abominations as the mysterious exorcist Gram.