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Payment methods

All Polish Banks

“All Polish Banks“ is a payment method specifically for customers from Poland. It allows you to instantly send and receive money online, directly from your bank account. You can use a credit card, domestic or international bank transfer or a cheque to fund your account.

This payment option is available for customers of the following Polish banks:


  • mBank(mTransfer)

  • Place z Inteligo

  • Bank Nordea Poland

  • Bank Zachodni WBK

  • PKO BP(PKO Inteligo)

  • Multibank(Multitransfer)

  • Bank BPH

  • ING Bank Slaski

  • Lukas Bank

  • Kredyt Bank

  • InvestBank

  • PeKaO S.A

  • Citibank handlowy

  • BGZ

  • Millenium

  • Bank Ochrony Srodowiska

  • Fortis Bank

  • Deutsche Bank PBC S.A.

For all our Polish customers MMOGA offers for you to pay for your purchases in our online shop by means of the payment method “All Polish Banks“. The payment is processed via Skrill.


Please note: This specific payment method (All Polish Banks) is only available to customers which have chosen the country Poland during the registration to the MMOGA Online Shop.