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MMOGA - Your service partner for all Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) products.


Here you can find products like SWTOR Credits, SWTOR Key, SWTOR Gamecard, SWTOR Guide and SWTOR Powerleveling.


Star Wars: The Old Republic is the MMO Highlight of the year 2011! It is probably the biggest competitor ever for World of Warcraft in the MMO genre, it may soon be time to say: WoW silver medal, SWTOR Gold! Create your SWTOR account on the official game website, download the game client, enter your SWTOR Key and get lost in the Star Wars universe!


The Old Republic is the second Star Wars MMO after Star Wars Galaxies, which many gaming fans set their hopes on to form worthy competition for the dominating WoW. The Star Wars licence surely is a great precondition that will cause interest in millions of Star Wars fans worldwide.


SWTOR was developed for Electronic Arts by the RPG specialists Bioware which are regarded as absolute experts in the RPG genre after creating such world successes as Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights and many other popular titles. The foundation for the MMO Star Wars The Old Republic was laid by Bioware themselves with the tremendously successful Star Wars RPGs Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2.


The story of Star Wars: The Old Republic is set about 3000 years before the events in the well-lknown Star Wars movies. The Sith have expelled the Jedi from Coruscant and widely opened the gateway to ruling the galaxy. In the Star Wars MMO The Old Republic, a cold war is going on between the disciples of the light and the dark side of the Force. A fragile peace lets both sides regroup themselves – but which are the goals of the Sith and their supporters, and how can the Jedi and their followers stand their ground against them?


Decide for your side: Strive for SWTOR Credits as a kind-hearted smuggler or for power as a Sith warrior, lead your Jedi into temptation and towards the dark side of the Force – your freedom of choice is gigantic in Star Wars The Old Republic! Play as a Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular, Smuggler or Trooper for the Republic, or join the Empire and the dark side as a Sith Warrior, Sith Inquisitor, Imperial Agent or Bounty Hunter.


Each of the classes in Star Wars The Old Republic experiences its own very personal story. Decisions must be made and companions convinced by your own ideals. After 10 levels, its already time to choose a specialization, leading your way towards tanking, healing or dealing damage.


Each class in SWTOR pursues own goals within its personal story: No matter if your character wants to make a fortune in SWTOR Credits, reign over the galaxy, or provide peace and prosperity for all races in the Star Wars universe, all that is for you to decide. SWTOR rewards your decisions with light side or dark side points. In Star Wars The Old Republic, you can even act benevolent as a Sith or be relentless as a Jedi!


Talking about races: Bioware and EA do not only offer playing as a human in the Star Wars galaxy but also as a member of some popular alien races: Play as a Twi'lek, Zabrak, Miraluka, Cyborg or even as a member of the original red-skinned Sith race! Depending on your choice, you may be confronted differently in certain situations in SWTOR.


At MMOGA, you can get everything you need to have lots of fun in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Here you can get your SWTOR Key, your SWTOR Gamecard (SWTOR Time Card), your SWTOR Guide, SWTOR Powerleveling, and buy SWTOR Credits. Credits are the ingame currency in the newest Star Wars MMO – there is no SWTOR Gold!


In SWTOR Gold is not needed to become wealthy, our SWTOR Credits offers at MMOGA will get you a fortune in no time! To be able to embark into the Star Wars universe even a few days before the official release of TOR, you can get a Headstart Preorder Key in addition to your SWTOR Key. And if your subscription is threatening to run out, simply extend your playtime: Buy SWTOR Gamecards!


No matter if you are looking for an SWTOR Gamecard (SWTOR Time Card), SWTOR Credits or much more, the best offers for Star Wars: The Old Republic can be found at MMOGA at favorable prices. It may not be too much to dream of if very soon the MMO world is turned upside down: SWTOR Gold, WoW only Silver!


Everything you need to turn Star Wars The Old Republic into an unmatched experience, ranging from your SWTOR Key over SWTOR Credits to SWTOR Powerleveling, can be found here at MMOGA - of course at favorable prices, and delivered fast and secure!


And don't forget: Use an SWTOR Time Card (SWTOR Gamecard) to extend your gametime early enough before your subscription runs out, so you will be able to enjoy the fascinating Star Wars universe for a long time.


May the Force be with you!